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Updated Blog / Markdown workflow

A while ago I posted about my markdown workflow. While that workflow was decent and worked for a goodly little while, it left quite a bit to be desired. Specifically, I the posting process into Wordpress was cumbersome at best.

A New Blog Engine

Like I said above, working with Wordpress and markdown was cumbersome and then some. So it was time for something new. At first I was going to use similar to this, which is actually what is in use on the site. It has the following benefits:

  • Posts are written in Markdown
  • Integrated with gh-pages
  • Straighforward publishing process git push origin master

It was almost what I needed. In the end I went with Hugo. What Hugo added was some pluggable themes and templates. Also the ability to run locally before pushing to github.

To setup Hugo on github, use this.

Current Workflow

My current workflow needed some help then. I kept the same sublime text plugins, that is:

  • MarkdownEditing
    • This has a number of really handy keyboard bindings. It also has some decent highlighting and what not.
  • Markdown Preview
    • This one allows me to go from Markdown into what it’ll look like on the web.
  • Markdown TOC
    • This lets me go from a basic set of sections and files into a more full fledged table of contents.

Additionally, to create a new post, I modified the Rakefile found here, to look like this:

require 'fileutils'
task :post do
    title = ENV['title'] || "new-post"
    tags = ENV['tags'] || ''
    make_img_dir = ENV['imgdir'] || false
    date = (ENV['date'] ? Time.parse(ENV['date']) :'%Y-%m-%d')
    filename = File.join('.', "#{'%Y-%m-%d')}-#{title.strip.gsub(' ', '-').gsub(/[^\w-]/, '')}.md")
    open(filename, 'w') do |post|
        post.puts "---"
        post.puts "title: \"#{title}\""
        post.puts "date: #{'%Y-%m-%d')}"
        post.puts "categories: "
        post.puts "---"
        post.puts "\nYour content here."
        if make_img_dir
            img_dir = File.basename(filename.chomp(File.extname(filename)))
            post.puts "\n" * 5
            post.puts "[imgdir]: /images/posts/#{img_dir}/"

So creating a new post goes like this: bunchc: blog/content/posts$ rake post title=”Title Here”

In turn, that creates a file for editing in sublime. It also adds the metadata section at the top of the file for me:

title: "Updated Blog / Markdown workflow"
date: 2014-08-14

From there, I write the file, save the file, and run ./ from the Hugo installer linked earlier. That handles all the pushing and bits to git.


The gist of it is, Wordpress was a bit much and a bit heavy for what I needed. Hugo, Markdown, and GitHub Pages gave me a streamlined process that looks decent for posting.