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Vagrant and Hanlon (The other Razor Fork)

You may or may not know that Razor, the bare-metal lifecycle tool, has forked from its original bits. This is a good thing, but it’s still really early days on the new forks, so we’ll see ultimately what plays out.

The Puppet-Labs “Razor-Server” fork can be found here. If you want to work with it, or test it locally, you can use the bits written by Egle here.

Hanlon, the CSC fork here, is being perused by Tom McSweeney who helped get the original razor off the ground.

To help me work with it and contribute some, I’ve built a small Vagrant environment (largely basd on the Vagrant environment for ‘the other’ razor.).

Vagrant Up Hanlon

To get started, clone the repo and vagrant up, like so:

git clone
cd vagrant-hanlon
vagrant up

What this does during the vagrant up process is:

  • Install dnsmasq
  • Configure IPtables for NAT
  • Installs Mongodb
  • Installs Java
  • Installs RBENV
  • Installs both jruby and ruby 1.9.3
  • Downloads Hanlon
  • Starts Puma (to run Hanlon)
  • Pulls down a few images to add to Hanlon

Once you have Hanlon running, command wise it works very similar to the old Razor. That is:

hanlon node
hanlon policy
hanlon image


In this post, you cloned and started to work with Hanlon, one of the derivatives of the Razor bare-metal provisioning framework.