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OpenStack Cookbook 3rd Edition

Oh Oh Oh! The lesson in book writing is that it is both terrible and addictive. That is, right as we wrapped the second edition of the OpenStack Cookbook, I promised myself “Never again!”.

Now, some number of months later, Kevin and myself, we’ve chatted a bit, and have decided to go down that road to update the book again. Indeed, we’re also looking at bringing Egle along for the ride this time.

3rd Edition Highlights

The third edition will target either a late Juno or early Kilo release (Hooray Relevancy!). In addition to general updates, were adding or overhauling the following:

  • OpenStack Datacenter Automation
  • OpenStack Scaling
  • Image Management & Conversion
  • More Operations Recipes
  • HTTPS!
  • OpenStack Heat
  • Additional Neutron Services (LBaaS, VPNaaS)
  • Using 3rd Party drivers