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On OpenStack 2015 Board Elections

Sometime back in November, I received an email stating that I had been nominated, by the OpenStack community, to run for an Individual Board Member position. It was very shortly thereafter I had the 10 needed nominations to get on the ballot. I was super excited at the prospect, and am super humbled that I’d even be considered.

Let me say that again. I am incredibly humbled that the community reached out and hopped on to support my nomination.

I repeat that, because at this time, I’m deciding to back out of the election for two reasons. First and foremost, family considerations. Due to unforeseen family circumstances, I need to take a few steps back from the various things I am involved in for a while.

My second reason for backing out, is the entry of Egle (@eglute AnyStacker) into the elections. Having worked closely with Egle on a number of workshops, books, and work projects over the last few years, I can say that y’all will be in great hands if she’s elected.

Thank you again for your all your support. Mayhaps next time.