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On Mentorship - Round 2

This started as an idea, a motion to put the user back into the user group. This is a great idea, and having taken on, and attempted to assist 5-ish folks in the first round, I learned a lot, and want to not only do this again, but want to make it a more frequent, ongoing sort of thing.

That is, beyond just mentoring someone short term, say over a few weeks, or until their next speaking engagement. Instead I’d like to help a bit longer term, and more broadly reaching. So here it goes:

The Program

Not sure if calling it a program right, but alas. Over the next quater or so, I’ll provide unlimited email support, and as much Skype / phone support as I can handle. At a minimum this means: 1 hour a week on Skype (or phone) to talk about where you’re at, what you’ve worked on, or are working on, etc. These are 1 - to - 1 mentorships, that is, you and I working on helping you get to that next step.

Class Q2 - 2015

Class (if we can call it a class, a huddle, a gander, etc?), not really sure what to call it, the name isn’t as important as what it represents. It represents a group of five individuals at some point along their career path that want some help doing that ‘next’ thing.


Looking to do that ‘next’ thing. Have at least an hour a week for a Skype (or G+, or regular old phone call) to chat. Have a willingness or the ability to find more time in a week to work on that ‘next’ thing.

That’s pretty much it. There are no qualifiers other than “Don’t be an asshole”.


Me, I do things. I’ve published a few books, I’ve worked with others to help them get down that path. I’ve spoken at some events, and again, have helped some others down that path. I helped start a podcast, which in turn has helped some folks take that next step. I also want to do more.

Selection Process

To be fair, I’m not sure this will get even the requsite 5 responses. As this is the second round and things aren’t exactly formal yet, I think that’s all there is too it. Be one of the 5. If there are more than 5 signed up, we’ll figure it out from there. If there are A LOT more than 5, I’ll let y’all know how it works from there.


Here it is.

That’s all there is to it. Disclaimer: It’s a Google form, who’s only recipient is me (insofar as these things can be guaranteed).