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Mentorship Program H2, 2015

In April this year, I kicked off a ‘Mentorship Program’, and while I don’t much like the title of program, as that tends make one think it’s more formal than it really is, I think it’s time I kicked up and invited in another round of folks into the program.

First some background:

The Program

For what is left of 2015, and maybe a bit more, I’ll ‘mentor’ you towards some end of your choosing. Be it professional, personal, or both. In practical terms, this means at a minimum this means: 1 hour a week on Skype (hangouts, phone, etc) to talk about where you are currently, what you are working on, etc.

These are 1 - to - 1 mentorships, that is, you and I working on helping you get to that next step.

Class H2 - 2015

Ok, so we’re starting late to be calling it H2, as there is just under 5 months left in the year. But, who knows, we did huge things last round in just three. So, This ‘class’ if that’s what we’ll call it, will again be five individuals (you are likely one of them), who would like some help, advice, a coach / mentor (it is a mentorship program, no?). You are currently thinking about, or looking to work on that next thing, or need a push to help you get to that next level career wise. Whatever it is, I’m here to help.


Having described it some in the prior paragraphs, the only real qualifiers for you are:

  • You have to be willing to hustle, to do things, to make changes
  • Don’t be an asshole
  • Have some way for us to get in contact on the regular.


Why do this with me? Umm, well, I do things, and over the past few rounds have helped a few handfuls of folk get down their path as well.

Selection Process

Well, here’s the kicker. The selection process, if there are more than 5 sign-ups, involves me looking over the applications, reading a bit about you, and perhaps asking some additional questions.


In case there are more than 5, what do? In that case, after I have done a first round of selections, I will send out emails notifying everyone, and asking for permission to share your information with other folks who would also make good mentors. It would then be between y’all to sort out the details from that point.


The application!

That’s all there is to it. Disclaimer: It’s a Google form, who’s only recipient is me (insofar as these things can be guaranteed).