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Conference ProTips

This started as a series of VMworld protips, however, they apply equally well to most tech conferenes. These are pulled directly from my tweet stream, without much in the way of context:

  • VMworld ProTip: Lost gadgets happen. Put some contact info on your backgrounds: be prepared to remote wipe.
  • VMworld ProTip #24: Netflix, Spotify, etc… don’t be that dude on the wifi…
  • Nigel Hickey ‏@vCenterNerd: #VMworld ProTip #769: Get your spouse/partner setup with @spousetivities. Don’t lock them up in the hotel, please. Let them explore too!
  • VMworld ProTip #25: USPS “If it fits it ships” boxes are your friends on the return trip.
  • VMworld ProTip #47: Everyone has a plan till they show up. Schedule works as a high level guide, but VMworld happens.
  • VMworld ProTip #94: No, that isn’t a free wifi network. Tunnel like a mofo.
  • VMworld ProTip #93: Practice Good charging hygine: and others.
  • VMworld ProTip #92: Always Be Charging, and if you’ve extra: share.
  • I am John White ‏@johna_white #VMworld ProTip #8675309: Don’t stare at your phone or tablet before the session, say hello to your neighbor.
  • VMworld ProTip #33: Again on people: Do Not eat alone. Also do not eat with your travel group. Meet people, share war stories, etc.
  • Scott S. Lowe ‏@scott_lowe RT @cody_bunch: #VMworld ProTip #31: Help people. < FTFY :-)
  • Nigel Hickey ‏@vCenterNerd #VMworld ProTip #768: Spend time in the Hang Space and do not skip that. Great place to network with friends & find new ones! //@cody_bunch
  • VMworld ProTip #52: The community has a lot of micro-celebs. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to that blogger you’ve followed for ever
  • VMworld ProTip #32: On the people part, meet, connect, and follow-up with at least three. Build your own micro-community.
  • VMworld ProTip #31: Everyone there knows something you don’t. The inverse is also true. /Help/ people.
  • VMworld ProTip #92: Pace yourself, and make time for yourself. Go for a walk or nap if you need to get away.
  • VMworld ProTips? ProTip #48 - Bring cough / vitamin C drops. You will need them.