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#vSensei Reading List

In working through a few iterations of what I’m now calling the #vSensei mentorship program, a number of common themes have come up. One of those is reading. Lots and lots of it, in fact. What follows here are the most common recommendations reading I give, some general, some not so general.


In here fall books for finding time, getting moving, working on bigger ideas, and the like.

A note on that last one: It is neither self-help, nor management, nor ideas. Rather, a massive tome on tactics and counter tactics used in Guerrilla warfare. It’s huge, uses more formal English, and is awesome for extrapolating ideas out and into your day to day operations, be they startup, or career specific.

One of the common themes encountered as part of the #vSensei program has been that of “I would like to become $x” where $x is some flavor of architect, vcdx, or similar. The books here, aren’t technology specific. Rather, they are to help you open your mind to thinking about how things are designed. This helps for building products to building supportable, rugged infrastructures, that will actually be used:

Quazi Technical

These two both talk process, improvement, and the like. One being much more technical than the other:


This is the start of what should be an ever growing book list.