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OpenStack Summit Tokyo - Day 1

Day number 1, or my second day in Tokyo started a bit early, but, that worked out well, as I managed to get a good feel for the city by taking a quick jog around:

Tokyo 5k Tokyo 5k 2 Tokyo 5k 3

From there, the Summit started in ernest.

Day 1 Keynote

Rather than a live blog or some running notes with commentary, I’ll just call out a few highlights:

Day 1 Book Signing


Book signings I’ve done in the past have lasted 10-15 minutes, and generally ran through a few hundred books in that time. This time we came prepared, with what feels like 500+ books each day of the summit:

So Many

Of course the action shot has me not doing any work:

It begins

The line, it was huge. Hi Mom. For Mom

After this, was a lunch chosen by menu pictures, and a LOT of #vBrownBag sessions.