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OpenStack Summit Tokyo - Day 2

Today. Today was pretty epic. That is, I spoke to so many folks, all of whom are doing interesting things. Which, I suppose can be said for a lot of cons, but alas, there was a level of depth, meaning, and caring in today’s talks. A level of fluidness as topics moved from tech related things to random other things.

This morning I was joined for a run by a co-racker (co-worker?), and headed off in a different random direction. Towards the end of said run, we passed the Icelandic embassy, and then stopped to pray in a temple that’s been standing since the 15th century. It was nuts.

After said run and some stretching, we did the book-signing thing again: Books!

From there, I spent quite a bit of time on the ‘hallway’ track. Topics and individuals ranged. From Burnout in IT, to new vSensei mentors, an inordinate amount of time trying to understand the habits of the ‘high performers’ in our spheres, to the esoteric details of archival quality forensically sound engineering notebooks, OpenStack Israel, and IPv6 headers that can be adapted for use with Cloud (Service, Tenant, User, and how that can be set as destination headers to help protect the PII in transit), with some time spent planning a major 30-in-30 event, and OpenStack Tokyo, and and and. I’m sitting here 22 hours after I woke up to day, and, well, it doesn’t feel like there is much chance of stopping yet.

Lunch, dinner, all an impressive a blur of amazing conversations. and, with luck, lots of things to come.