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Chromic Disease Journal Template

While I want this to be another long rambling post, I’m not sure that’s not well suited this time around.

Disclaimer: This one goes a bit sideways from the usual #vSensei, or technical posts. However, I do a thing here, that I think might be useful to others, so… well that’s it.

When it comes to Multiple Sclerosis, or other chronic disorders, having a conversation with your doctor can be odd. IF you go monthly, quarterly, or every 6 months, remembering how you have faired, what things happened, and so forth, can be difficult. At least, it is for us. That is, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast today unless I write it down (even then, not really).

Given that, as the MS is back, keeping a journal or log of some sort is starting to be an important part of things for a number of reasons:

  • It lets us communicate more effectively with all the doctors.
  • It provides a quasi objective way to track if things are better or worse over time.
  • Recording non-quantifiable info: What “good thing”™ happened today, how you felt, etc, can help when and if the brain fog sets in.

The template is kept here. It’s a simple markdown file. My process is to copy it each time, date stamp it, add the relevant info, and save it.

It is lovingly adapted from The Wahls Diary, “The Wahls Protocol” pg. 80