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All the Books I Read in 2015

Having seen a few of these around, and hoping to inspire a few others to do the same, here is a list, including Amazon links, to most of the books I read in 2015 (I didn’t keep great track of things, sorry). Links are Kindle / ebook where appropriate. Another note, rather than pick one, or make a top list, books I particularly liked are listed in bold. I have also put the ‘work’ reads up top.

The Essential Drucker This was a helpful first step for me to understand what makes business tick. What makes managers do what they do, and why MBO, etc.

Rise Read this on a recommendation. Good, actionable, bits for advancing the things. Parts of this are what drive some of the #vSensei talks.

Trust me I’m Lying Very quick read, and sets you up to understand and question the motivation behind click-bait.

F**k Feelings At some point, #vSensei became much more real than I had anticipated. A lot of what was in this book helped me help others un-knot the things.

Do the Work This one was recommended to me by a mentee. It was a very quick read, and should help you get out of your own way.

Modern Guerilla Warfare Good stuff, and one I’m now going back through. There are some interesting parallels one can draw (if you squint just so) about office politics, small teams, and getting the things done.

Multiple Sclerosis: A Comprehensive Review Had to get up to speed on what’s changed in the last eight years, and quick. This one is thick, academic / scientific in style, but worth the time if MS is affecting you or a loved one.

The Wahls Protocol If you or someone you care about has MS, it’s worth the read. In short Dr. Wahls has updated the diet recommendations in Minding My Mitochondria. What I’m not fond of in this volume is the reliance on testimonial, however. That said, Dr. Wahls has ongoing clinical trials as well.

Twelve Tomorrows

Merlin’s Gun


The Bone Clocks

The Water Knife

The Art of War I find I reread this every few years.

Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations: a 21st Century Translation & Commentaryy

Cadillac Desert

Project-Based Homeschooling

Beacon 23

Slow Bullets

Deep Navigation

Blue Remembered Earth

On the Steel Breeze

Vassouras: A Brazilian Coffee Country

Pragmatism and Other Essays

Letters of William James, Vol. 1