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#vSensei 2016 Kick-Off

Ok, so I’m a bit late on this one, but here we are. It’s time to open up submissions for the #vSensei program H1 2016.

The form can be found here.

I encourage you to not only sign up, but to encourage others to as well.

Not sure what #vSensei is?

The Program

vSensei or #vSensei is an 1 on 1 mentorship program, currently in it’s second year. The program itself is designed to pair you with some of the best of the best in their respective areas, with the end goal being to help you up your game.

For the first half of 2016, the group of “vSensei” will pair up with you, dig into what makes you tick, what your goals are, and guide you along the way to knocking them out.

Selection Process

Because we have more mentors this time around, we’ll sort of make this up as we go. The gist is: SIGN UP HERE

Once we have your sign-up and close submissions. We’ll have a group think, and then send out emails to those selected.

What you need to bring to the program

  • Be willing to hustle, and hustle hard.
  • Be willing to make changes.
  • Don’t be an asshat
  • Have between 30m - 1h a week

About Us

For H1 2016, we have the following mentors available:

Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe is a blogger, speaker, best-selling author, and IT industry veteran. Currently, he works for VMware, Inc., on the NSX team. He focuses his time and efforts on open source, cloud computing, virtualization, networking, and related data center technologies. Scott regularly shares technical content and insight on his blog at

Edward Haletky

Edward L. Haletky, the President, CEO, and principle consultant for AstroArch Consulting, Inc., graduated from Purdue University in 1988 with a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. Since then, he has worked with programming graphics and other lower-level libraries on various UNIX platforms. When at Hewlett-Packard, Edward worked in the Virtualization, Linux, and High-Performance Technical Computing teams. Edward is very active on the VMware Communities Discussion Forums providing answers to security and configuration questions and is also one of the VMware Communities User Moderators and Guru. In addition, Edward has earned his LPI, RHCE and VCP certifications, and VMware vExpert designation. Edward is a very active analyst, writer, and blogger with in the virtualization space.

Jordan Rinke

CTO for Canada’s largest virtual network provider iTel Networks. One of the original OpenStack for Hyper-V developers. Part of the original Cloud Builders group at Rackspace, deployed the first non-NASA OpenStack Compute cluster. Helped build the first Canadian OpenStack installation. A rare lover of Microsoft, Linux, and Open source. Infrastructure engineer turned developer - with a keen understanding of both in mixed OS environments. His entire career has been about making massive infrastructure go faster. With startup experience and hyperscale experience he has an understanding of bootstrapping a service for dollars a month with a built in ability to scale as money permits, to orchestrating the migration of 5000vms and keeping an e-commerce site online with 20,000 concurrent users.

Trevor Roberts

Trevor Roberts, Jr. is the Senior Technical Marketing Manager for OpenStack at VMware and the lead author of the VMware Press Title, “DevOps for VMware Administrators”. He enjoys speaking to customers and partners about the benefits of using OpenStack with VMware technologies.

Trevor has the CCIE Data Center certification, and he is a VMware Certified Advanced Professional in the Data Center Design and Administration concentrations.

In his spare time, Trevor shares his insights on data center technologies at via the vBrownBag Professional OpenStack and Professional VMware podcasts, and on Twitter (@VMTrooper). His contributions to the IT community have garnered recognition by his designation as a VMware vExpert, Cisco Data Center Champion, and EMC Elect.

Cody Bunch

(That’s me)

Me, I do things. I’ve published a few books, I’ve worked with others to help them get down that path. I’ve spoken at some events, and again, have helped some others down that path. I helped start a podcast, which in turn has helped some folks take that next step. I also want to do more.


Go forth, sign up, spread the message.