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Updated vSensei Reading List

Apparently, these are useful. With that in mind, here is what I’ve been reading since the first of the year. Unlike the other lists, there isn’t much specific direction in this one.

The importance of being little - This one, spawned a bunch of my more recent twitter borne rants. If nothing else, it is amazing how similar life in the workplace is similar to the life of a preschooler, and unfortunately just as training in most cases.

4 Hour Work Week - This one gets an occasional re-read. If you can get past the Tim Ferrisness of it, there is some good “GO DO THE DAMN THING” advice in there.

Influence - Just wrapped this one up prior to going to a show. It was interesting to spot all the varied techniques in use, in a real setting.

Seeking Wisdom - Excellent read.

Profit First - This one came to me via a podcast recommendation. While I’m not sure I’d recommend it out right, the way it reads is very tele-salesy. The gist of it, is basically set your business up in a similar way to how you would your personal finances post David Ramsey class.

Buddhism Without Beliefs - I’m still processing this one, honestly, and it may get a second listen soon so I can better process the lessons contained within. It gets to the root of things like, ‘why mindfulness’ and ‘why meditation’, along with “meditation isn’t just sitting, it can also be bicycling, etc”.

Debt, the first 5,000 Years - A good little history of money that sheds some light on some of the stupider things we do to each other.

Elon Musk - Quick read on the behind the scenes of some of the most interesting BIG engineering going on today.

Unstoppable - A little preachy, but in a good way. Bill Bill Bill Bill… Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Inside of a Dog - Because being mindful isn’t just for people.

Kubernetes Up And Running - Well, damn this book is good. Accessible, working examples, good overview of k8s. Everything I’d want in a first book on the subject.

Hardware Startup - There was a phase early in the year where I thought I was cool, and would launch a kickstarter for something or other. This was the first book recommended, and while it hasn’t completely disabused me of the notion of a hardware startup, it pointed out HUGE gaps in my knowledge, that I am working to fill.

OpenStack Networking Essentials - One day, I hope to write as well as Denton. He takes and breaks down the complicated subject of the OpenStack Neutron project into the bare essentials of what you need to know. Then explains it in a way that is incredibly accessible. I was an editor of this volume

Troubleshooting OpenStack - Like the Neutron book above, Tony takes and makes a hard subject a bit easier, and lot more understandable. If you use OpenStack, you’ll want this book.

The Wahls Protcol - My wife has MS. I needed to know more. This got me a bit closer.