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Useful bash functions for virsh/kvm

When working on getting my first VM on KVM started, there were some things that were missing or non-obvious to a newbie like me.

That is, listing the IP address assigned to a VM or ‘dom’ required some digging. (Note, this is addressed in newer releases of KVM). To that end, and after a lot of time googling, I came across this gist that provides a lot of useful functions.

Specific to the IP address bit, it gives you virt-addr:

## List all our VMs
# virsh list --all
 Id    Name                           State
 2     logging1.openstackci.local     running
 3     network2.openstackci.local     running
 4     network1.openstackci.local     running
 5     infra1.openstackci.local       running
 6     infra2.openstackci.local       running
 7     infra3.openstackci.local       running
 8     compute1.openstackci.local     running
 9     compute2.openstackci.local     running
 10    cinder2.openstackci.local      running
 11    cinder1.openstackci.local      running
 12    swift1.openstackci.local       running
 13    swift3.openstackci.local       running
 14    swift2.openstackci.local       running

## List all IPs for ID 5
# virt-addr 5

## Works by name too
# virt-addr infra1.openstackci.local