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Some MS Resources

After a conversation with a friend who has a relative recently diagnosed, I felt compelled to share a bunch of the same links with the greater readership both on the blog and via Twitter. Mayhaps you’ve already seen the tweet storm, but I thought I’d collect the resources here a bit longer form.

I have taken the time to read and vet each one of these resources. Meaning I have spent some time distilling a lot of the crap out there into this list. If you’re newly diagnosed, know someone who was, or want to come up to speed fast, start here.

Note: This list is only a starting point. If you have a resource you’ve found useful, please drop me a note or @cody_bunch on twttier.


I start with diet rather than disease, because it was the single thing we did that has had the greatest impact. Taking the approach that you or someone you know may be newly diagnosed, I know you have questions, but trust me, start here.

The one thing that has had the single biggest impact for us on our MS journey has been Terry Wahls. Mind, we’re super inconsistent in the application of the Wahls diet(s), and still have had great effect.

  • Terry Wahls Tedx
  • Terry Wahls - Minding My Mitochondria Terry Wahls has two books out. This was the first, and reads more like a research scientist than new-age treatment. Read this after watching the TedX
  • Terry Wahls - Wahls Protocol This one reads a bit more turbo Paleo hipster. Still, totally worth it, as between the first book and this one, there have been a number of actual scientific studies done on variants of the Wahls protocol and to good effect. This book reports those findings.


Next up, some information on the disease itself. These links can be dry / more scientific reading. If you’re comfortable with that, they will bring you up to date with where MS related research and knowledge are as of 2015/2016.

  • For Nurses and Nurse Practitioners (MS Society) Read all of them. Start with the quick reference and follow that up with the handbook (3 & 4).
  • National MS Society Resource page This page helped us not only find a Dr who understands MS, but also helped us coordinate a transition from FL to TX back in the day. They have links to local support groups, education, and more.
  • MS Society Research page Here you will find links to both how the MS Society spends it’s money on research, as well as links to said research studies. If you’ve heard of a treatment, maybe Dr. OZ recommended a thing, read about the research behind it here.
  • A comprehensive research review It’s getting a bit older (a 2014 book), but research takes time, and it’s still a good primer. It won’t hold your hand however. Be prepared for science.

The Human Side

The disease, like others, has a human component. Below are two of the blogs that have helped me figure out what that means for other folks and incorporate some of that into our family.


This post, like the twitter rant before it, isn’t to garner sy/empathy. Rather, it’s to help others who find themselves in the same boat. You aren’t alone, and if you’d like, feel free to reach out to chat.