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Atlanta VMUG - Containers Slides

Atlanta VMUG Usercon - Containers: Beyond the hype

Herin lie the slides, images, and Dockerfile to review this session as I presented it.

Behind the scenes

Because this is a presentation on containers, I thought it only right that I use containers to present it. In that way, besides being a neat trick, it let me emphasize the change in workflow, as well as the usefulness of containers.

I used James Turnbull’s “Presenting with Docker” as the runtime to serve the slides. Then mounted three volumes to provide the slides, images, and a variant of index.html so I could live demo a change of theme.

Viewing the presentation

Assuming you have Docker installed, use the following commands to build and launch the presentation:

# Clone the presentation
git clone
cd atlanta-vmug-2017-10-19/

# Pull the docker image
docker pull jamtur01/docker-presentation

# Run the preso
docker run -p 8000:8000 --name docker_presentation \
  -v $PWD/images:/opt/presentation/images \
  -v $PWD/slides:/opt/presentation/slides \
  -d jamtur01/docker-presentation

Then browse to http://localhost:8000. To view speaker notes, press S to view in speaker mode.