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NSXpert in 72 hours? VMware NSX Resources

Asking for NSX Help

Community is a wonderful thing. Just today I needed to learn all I could about NSX. The goal was to become an NSX “Expert” by Monday. NSX is a bit too complex for that, but, when asked, the community responded with plenty of links and suggestions. What follows here are a pile of links and my rough plan of attack.

Video Resources

While I’m sure there are more out there, I plan to start with the #vBrownBag NSX series by Tim Davis (@ALDTD). There are 3 pretty intense videos in the series:

Also worth mentioning, the official VMware NSX YouTube Channel.

UPDATE 2018-06-09 @ 09:40

Written Resources

There are a huge number of guides here, but they are comprehensive.

You will need to search for NSX specific labs. Recommended was getting started and then working as best as you could along with the study guides linked prior.

In depth guides for getting up and going on VMware NSX

Validated Reference Designs for NSX

When all else fails check the docs.

When the docs fail, check the communities forums.

UPDATE 2018-06-09

A few more links came up overnight that should be shared.

A PDF Guide to architecting NSX solutions for service providers. This will help you wrap your head around some of the considerations for how to deploy NSX within the context of the VMware SDDC.

The ultimate HOL, is of course, setting it up yourself. This is a subset of the docs that walks you through an installation.

UPDATE 2018-06-09 @ 09:40 More Links!

UPDATE 2018-06-09 @ 12:21 Additional links from @williamwilloby


While I don’t think I’ll have time over the next few days to attend a class, VMware has quite a few available: