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OpenStack Summit Berlin - Day 1

Day 1

It Starts!

What follows is going to be a slightly expanded form of the live tweeting I will be doing all week. That is, the post will be lightly edited and written stream of consciousness style.


I was a little late to the keynotes today, so missed the beginning. That said, there was a lot going on, and all of it good.

  1. OpenStack Summit is now Open Infrastructure Summit
  2. Next one will be in Denver, CO the week of 29, April 2019
  3. Textiles is crazy interesting.

    OpenStack is the infrastructure on which Oerlikon produces 40,000 bobbins of thread a day. They’re using OpenStack infrastructure to back end containers, AI/ML (for making real-time decisions on production lines). This takes inputs from about 70k sensors per 120 machines.

  4. The theme has been the same as the last bunch of Summits. That is, OpenStack has matured as an infrastructure platform and is the infrastructure supporting more shiny workloads (AI/ML, Kubernetes, etc).
  5. Focus on Day 2 Operations. Infrastructure, at scale, is difficult.
  6. There is an Internet of Cows.
  7. OSP 14 is coming.

Sign all the books

We had a good turnout for the first book signing of the summit. We’ll be doing these every day at 11:00 and 16:00. We have 100 copies total for the OpenStack Cookbook and another 100 of James Denton’s Neutron book

OpenStack Cookbooks

Show floor

The marketplace, aka show floor gets a special call out for being busier than the last handful of summits. There is a good showing of OpenStack service providers along with the usual players (RedHat, Canonical, Cisco, Netapp, etc.). There are also new players, and Ambedded.

Lightning Talks

While sitting to write up this post, the folks from Roche gave a live demo of using Google Home to launch Virtual Machines on OpenStack. If you’re looking for the recording later, the title was “Ok Google, create me a VM, please”

I Accidentally Twitter

Toward the end of the day, I accidentally my Twitter account. That is, the account got locked due to unusual activity. That said, I managed to capture most of my day 1 sessions well and will get those posts up once the videos are available.